Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Omniture Discover vs. SiteCatalyst

One of the key differences between Omniture SiteCatalyst and Discover is that the separation between Traffic (sprops) & Conversion (evars) that exists in SiteCatalyst is removed (which is a good thing for an Analyst).  This "opening" up helps to correlate any traffic variable with any conversion variable.

In SiteCatalyst only a few kinds of correlations are possible. (Correlation - is a fancy Omniture term that is simply frequencies or cross-tabs). There are many restrictions in SiteCatalyst around what metrics you add to which reports etc.  All those restrictions are not there in Discover.  I will in a later blog mention the exact specifics (and segmentation), but this is an introductory blog on these differences.

Another cool feature in Discover 2.8 is the Fallout reporting.  There is much more flexibility in Discover such as grouping pages & also adding more than 8 checkpoints. The UI of Discover fallout reporting is also slick compared to SiteCatalyst. Another feature is the "Most Popular Pages" between each checkpoint.

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